Jungkook reveals what his favorite word is and why it’s so …


BTS’s golden maknae shared a word that makes him happier and is now his favorite. Recently, a Jungkook interview prepared for the group’s Fancafe was released in Japan, so BTS fans were able to see new content of this handsome idol.

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In the interview, Jungkook wears black clothing and a relaxed appearance, showing himself ready to answer the questions his fans were curious about.

Asked what his favorite word is, Jungkook answered honestly that most of them probably already knew his answer, noting that it was a term very close to his followers.

Kookie brought extra excitement at the time of the reveal and simulated a drum roll with his fingers on the table in front of him, and then said that ‘ARMY’ is the term that makes him happiest.

But what is the reason that Jungkook chose ‘ARMY’ as his favorite word? The idol explained it briefly:

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