Jungkook Reveals Unpublished Tiger Tattoo, What Does It Mean?


A video revealed a new tattoo of Jungkook, the idol decided to be inspired by his culture and represent some of his qualities through this drawing.

BTS’s Jungkook surprises ARMY with an unpublished tattoo, the idol has captured various designs with various meanings on his skin and was inspired by Korean culture to represent his best qualities.

The K-pop group BigHit is on its winter break, but little by little they are preparing the new projects with which they will surprise ARMY in 2021. To start the year, the boys revealed an old video to relive their memories of the previous cycle, where some secrets of Jungkook were revealed .

Through the official YouTube channel, BTS published a new episode of Bangtan Bomb , the vlog where they share the behind-the-scenes of the group. In video he showed the recordings of the MV of “ON” and the process he went through Jungkook on set, as the idol was able to expose himself to real thorns to record his scenes, he also dived into a lake, demonstrating his professionalism.

However, in addition to his work as an actor, the Golden Maknae fell in love with ARMY with a look at his arm full of tattoos , there are few times in which they have been able to clearly appreciate the designs that he has captured in ink on his skin and it seems who decided to take with him a part of his history and origin.


In the Bangtan Bomb scenes , the idol had to record a scene on the grass, his wardrobe was raised and his forearm was exposed, where the silhouette of a tiger can be seen , a tattoo never before seen by ARMY.

It is not the first time that Jungkook has tattooed something inspired by this animal, as his birth flower is related to this jungle feline. The new tattoo is one of the most important figures in Korean culture , as it symbolizes the land and identity. The characteristics of the tiger are strength, power, vitality and spirit, it is also one of the guardians of the population.


Known as “horang-i”, this animal design recreates the shape of the Korean territory, it also accompanied the tattoo with some hieroglyphs that translate as “Land of Korea” and “Brave Tiger.” Jungkook decided to remember its origins, currently it is one of the most popular idols internationally and takes a part of his nation with him.

The 2021 began with some memories of BTS , but the guys are ready to have a year of solo projects and possible comebacks , what prepares Bangtan?


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