Jungkook reveals RM’s special nickname


BTS’s Jungkook shares how he affectionately calls Namjoon. The coexistence of the boys of BTS is unique, in addition to sharing the stage as a band, the connection between the 7 members of the K-pop band is like brothers, their love and admiration are constantly shown.

RM and Jungkook are many years apart, despite that, the rapper and the singer appreciate each other, there is a very visible complicity between them. The ‘Golden Maknae’ chose to be a Big Hit Entertainment trainee because of the great impression Namjoon left on him.

A few days ago the DVD of BTS MEMORIES 2019 was revealed, the official material of the K-pop band contains exclusive photographs and videos where never before seen moments of Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, RM and Suga appear .

In a clip you can see how Hoseok, Jungkook and Namjoon enjoy delicious sandwiches and other delicious dishes, the talk of the idols of Big Hit Entertainment is fluid, entertaining and fun.

Jungkook called RM ‘Rapmon Hyung’, so J-Hope asked him:

How long are you going to keep telling him Rapmon Hyung?

And Jungkook replied to his partner laughing:

Once he is Rapmon Hyung, you will always be Rapmon Hyung, give up now, I will always call him that

Owww, for the youngest member of the Bangtan Boys, Namjoon will never stop being Rap Monster and RM knows that, so let Jungkook use that adorable nickname on him. What do you think of Namjoon’s affection and ‘Golden Maknae’?


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