Jungkook reveals one of his great hidden talents


Jungkook reveals one of his great hidden talents. The idol showed that his voice can work to be a voice actor and special effects actor.

In addition to FESTA 2020 , BTS decided to hold a special meeting to celebrate their anniversary and say goodbye to the last radio show where Suga was the protagonist.

Over the course of several weeks, the idol had several of the boys as guests, where they shared various activities, discussed their upcoming plans, also shared details of “Agust D 2” and it was also an opportunity for Jungkook to reveal his new talent.

This weekend, the last Suga Honey FM program was held , the 7 members attended the radio broadcast and shared various messages to thank ARMY for their support in these 7 years, among the games they made they decided to interpret a story from the Wizard of Oz.

Several of them played the main characters such as the Tin Man, the Magician, among others, but since there were also animals within the story, Jungkook was in charge of giving life to Toto, a dog, surprising everyone with his similar barking to a canine.


Jungkook played his role very well, demonstrating his abilities to imitate sounds, something that could help him to be a voice actor or dedicate himself to special effects. ARMY shared their messages on social networks about the fun session the boys had.

The idol also played a Scarecrow, one of the characters the gang of Oz runs into on his way, he is someone very naive and his greatest wish as an inanimate being is to have a zeber.

In addition to their new talent, the idol also revealed with Jimin the fight they had years ago , the boys shared several anecdotes during FESTA 2020 to remember everything they have experienced in these 7-year career.


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