Jungkook reveals a new tattoo, knows its meaning


Jungkook reveals a new tattoo, knows its meaning. The last photographs taken of Jungkook revealed an eye-shaped tattoo on his arm.

The BTS member has piqued the curiosity of his fans once again, as followers of Jungkook have noticed that among the tattoos that the idol has on his arm , there is one that apparently has the shape of an eye , do you want to know what it means? ? Here we tell you.

The boys from BTS recently held a special concert in honor of their 7th anniversary, even though this event could only be seen online, some people managed to see the members of the group as they left the studio from where the event was broadcast.

It was then that the photographs taken of Jungkook revealed some of the tattoos that this boy has placed on his skin, revealing that among the various strokes, there is a large eye with a reddish tone in the pupil.

The tattoos of eyes can have different meanings depending on their qualities, some people associate with individuals who seek the truth, trust and also protection .


In particular, tattoos of eye found in rear parts of the body like the neck, back , or in this case, back in the arms, talks about someone who stays alert and looking to feel safe.

Another feature that denotes this type of tattoos is that despite having their eyes straight ahead, people do not forget their past, so they are constantly learning from their previous actions and also from their current ones.

Recently, Jungkook revealed one of his great hidden talents , as the idol demonstrated his ability to do dubbing and different special effects with his voice.


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