Jungkook revealed he had an accident on his set


The BTS guys told stories behind the Dynamite video and Jungkook apologized for the accident it caused. The premiere of Dynamite has brought great excitement to BTS fans, not only is the melody amazing, but the music video left them fascinated. The BTS members shared what their experience was like preparing this release, but Jungkook revealed that he had had a minor accident on the recording set.

The members of the idol group met with their fans through a live broadcast from V Live, where in addition to reacting to the final video of Dynamite, they revealed that they had been so busy that it was until now that they could see the result of their work for this premiere.

This was an opportunity for the members of the group to highlight each other’s abilities based on their on-screen development, but they also took the opportunity to share some details about their preparation for this filming.

However, Jungkook took the opportunity to apologize due to causing an accident while filming the disco scene of the MV, as BTS’s maknae pointed out that he inadvertently broke a lamp on set.

Although this boy showed his kindness responding for the mishaps that this fact could cause to the production, RM wanted to emphasize that he is not the only one to whom these things happen.

Jungkook told about a little accident he caused on the recording set while filming:

Come? It’s not always me who breaks things, he does too!

The members of the K-Pop group also chose their favorite scenes from the Dynamite music video, among those mentioned are: Jungkook’s scene at the beginning of the music clip, the rainbow of fireworks, and the scene with freestyle dancing.

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But in case all the excitement of the last few hours hadn’t been enough, Suga asked him fans to wait for the release of the music video for the B-Side track they prepared and also for the rest of the album as it will be full of surprises.

If you still haven’t seen the video that the BTS guys created for Dynamite, don’t think twice and take a look at this premiere that already broke a surprising record within a few hours of its release.


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