Jungkook returns to Weverse and surprises ARMY with this photo


The idol was absent from the platform.

BTS has been interacting with ARMY through Weverse, because due to the quarantine, the boys decided to postpone their Tour 2020.

J-Hope, V, Jin and RM have been the ones who have used the platform the most to share messages, videos, photos or answer the fans’ questions, but one of the absent was Jungkook, who surprised the fandom after a month of absence.


Through the hashtag JUNGKOOK SELCA THANK YOU, ARMY celebrated the photo that the idol gave them , they also sent several messages of thanks to tell him how much they missed him, since he had not entered Weverse in a long time.

Despite the fact that it was only a selfie, ARMY is happy to know about their idols, because with the health crisis and the mini break that the boys are enjoying, the fandom has little content with them.

ARMY shared his happiness on social media and hopes that Jungkook will stay active in the next few days just like his peers.

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