Jungkook returns to Weverse with a selca that melts ARMY


Jungkook is back on Weverse with a photo that has set the heartbeat of BTS fans racing.

It’s been over a month since BTS singer Jungkook found his way to the Weverse. Now that he’s done it, he made sure it was a memorable post.

The Still With You singer took to the platform to share a selca and reveal the results of a personality test he recently took. Let’s talk about the selca first.

The idol left us nervous and laughing like teenagers when he casually posed for a selca in bed. Adding another photo to Jungkook’s bed selca folder, the singer was seen wearing a milky white hoodie.

Jungkook discovered that he is an adventurer and painter

Aside from the selca, Kookie shared that he took a personality test, where he found out that he belongs in the ISFP-A category. According to the 16 Personalities website, people in the ISFP-A category are adventurers.

These people have the introverted, observant, sensitive, and forward-looking personality traits. These people also have “open minds, approach to life, new experiences and people with a founded warmth.

Their ability to stay in the moment helps them discover exciting potentials, “says the website. The result shows the image of a painter. By sharing the end result, Jungkook announced that he is a painter.

Jungkook’s photo quickly went viral on social media, as ARMY melted in love for how adorable and handsome the Golden Maknae looked, who has been gaining popularity this year.

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Meanwhile, Jungkook was seen with the other Bangtan Boys, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, and V, during week-long performances, games, and activities on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Did you like Kookie’s new selca? Do you think the idol is an adventurous person as it came out in his test?



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