Jungkook releases Still With You, his new solo song


Are you still alive after hearing Jungkook’s voice? BTS ends the party celebrating its seventh anniversary with FESTA 2020, during these two weeks the Bangtan boys have shared exclusive content with their fans and continue to give special gifts to ARMY, each day that passes is a new surprise.

After revealing the release schedule for FESTA 2020, one of the activities that caught the most attention was the one entitled ‘Still With You’ and theories about what this would be about began to emerge. However, today ARMY got a nice news since it was nothing more and nothing less than a new solo song by Jungkook, have you already heard it? Its letter will reach your heart.


A few minutes ago, BTS’s official Twitter account debuted ‘Still With You,’ a ballad starring Jungkook, which made an immediate impact on ARMY and the page where it was shared collapsed in seconds. OMG!

‘Still With You’ is a beautiful song where Jungkook found the best way to tell his fans that he will always stay by his side, no matter what happens. We are not crying, you are crying.

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Love him ❤️

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Jungkook was in charge of producing and creating the lyrics for ‘Still With You’, a new song that has touched the hearts of thousands of ARMYs around the world. Kookie left a special message of appreciation for his fans as they are the most important to him.

The lyrics of ‘Still WithYou’ talk about Jungkook’s lonely moments, how sometimes everything seems to lose its color and a gray cloud haunts him, however, his desire to meet again with the most special person for him keep him alive. .

Jungkook does not forget about ARMY and is grateful for all that they have done for him throughout these 7 wonderful years that have been full of joy and sadness, but above all, much love and support.


Your weak voice touches me

Please say my name one more time

I’m standing in the cold sunset. but I will walk step by step with you

Still with you

A dark night without a single light

I shouldn’t be used to it, but it’s so familiar

The sound of this air conditioner

Without this I think it could collapse

Laughing and crying together

These simple emotions

It must have been everything to me

If I find you again

I’m going to tell you looking into your eyes that I missed you

In my fascinating memories

Even if I dance alone, it rains

When this mist clears

I will run with wet feet

Hug me then

Because the moon looks alone

I feel like I’m crying brightly in the night sky

Even knowing that that morning will come someday

I wanted to stay in your sky like a star

The day, the moment

If I had known it would be like this

I would have kept it more inside of me

If I find you again

I’m going to tell you looking into your eyes that I missed you

In my fascinating memories

Even if I dance alone, it rains

For when this fog clears

I will run with wet feet

So hold me

Behind the slight smile looking at me

I want to draw a beautiful violet silhouette

Our steps may not fit together

I want to walk this path with you

Still with you