Jungkook receives a gift from above in New York


Jungkook received a very special gift in New York City, ARMY celebrated the Bangtan Boys idol’s birthday in a big way in the heavens.

Last September 1 was Jungkook’s birthday, the minor singer of BTS celebrated another year of life in the company of his colleagues and with the resounding success of ‘Dynamite’ on the Billboard Hot 100 music chart.

Jungkook is a very loved idol and admired by his fans, who always show their love for him; This birthday of the ‘Boy with Love’ interpreter was more than special as he broke a new record as the K-pop singer with the most projects organized by his multiple fan clubs in the world.

One of the activities that most impacted ARMY was organized by a Chinese fanbase, known for sparing no expense to show their support for the native of the city of Mandeok Dong in Busan, South Korea. Chinese Golden Maknae fans wanted to celebrate the Big Hit Entertainment idol’s birthday to the skies.

The ‘Love Letter In The Sky’ consisted of writing various love messages for Jungkook, but not anywhere, as the fanbase rented an advertising service in New York City so that 5 planes could express emotional birthday phrases in the sky from Golden Maknae, such as:


You are my euphoria


Happy jungkook day

The Sky Type show lasted for several minutes and state-of-the-art technology was used to write the name of the idol, who is the first Korean artist to get a show of this type entirely dedicated to him. Woow.

Jungkook’s name could be seen from different areas of New York, such as the Statue of Liberty in the port of Manhattan, as well as in more urban places such as Brooklyn and in the SoHo neighborhood, residents were able to take some photos to save the magical moment forever.

Once again the love that ARMY has for Jungkook is clear, despite the distance and the difference in languages, nothing for the affection that netizens feel for BTS’s Golden Maknae.

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