Jungkook protected V on the last day of BTS Week


Jungkook and Jimin helped V enjoy the skating rink, while the rest of the BTS members filmed during the last day of BTS Week.

BTS Week has officially come to an end, and while hashtags like BTS Month are trending these days, the septet made sure to give us an ending to remember with another epic performance from Dynamite.

Before their final act on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, the much-loved talk show host recognized BTS for being talented humans and for their “incredible, spectacular, beautifully directed, choreographed, and produced performances,” which they were held for five consecutive nights.

“They are some of the most loyal, positive and fun fans you could dream of and I just want to thank you all. Chimmy Fallon loves you,” said Jimmy Fallon while addressing BTS ARMY.

The boys of BTS enjoyed the skating rink

After Fallon adorably lip-syncing with Dynamite, it was time for BTS to shine on The Tonight Show when the members took over a disco-themed skating rink and performed on Dynamite.

The clothes they wore were the same ones they adorned while performing their Billboard Hot 100 # 1 single with Jimmy and The Roots on BTS Week Day 1.

Towards the end of their fabulous performance, which was completed with confetti all around them, the boys showed off their skating skills.

However, V struggled the entire time while Jungkook and Jimin rushed to help him at all times. Additionally, Jin is also seen helping J-Hope as RM and ChimChim flaunt their talent for skating.

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The members of the k-pop band were the stars of one of the most popular American shows on television. Clearly the group hopes that with this, their fame in the West will increase even more, since they are willing to have many more followers.

BTS is preparing their next album that will be called “BE”, but while the release date arrives, ARMY could enjoy this great special of the group. Did you like seeing Jungkook “saving” V from falling? What was your favorite moment about BTS Week?


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