Jungkook prides ARMY after launch of Your Eyes Tell


Jungkook’s experience in the field of music was demonstrated through the song Your Eyes Tell. Jungkook made ARMY feel proud after showing the result of their work .

The BTS guys have made great achievements so far this year, but now that the idol group is about to return with other record material, they have shown fans new reasons to admire them .

BTS premiered the song Your Eyes Tell with a special presentation for a Japanese television program, this melody surprised by the message it transmits and the emotion reflected thanks to the voices of the members.

The successful creation of this melody led his to become one of the tracks that will be part of the OST of a movie with the same name and ARMY has not stopped showing his joy for such a significant moment for his favorite idols.

Jungkook was the member who was in charge of creating this melody, so the idol appears as a writer, composer and lyricist in the information of Your Eyes Tell .

This revelation has given ARMY enough reason to demonstrate their pride in BTS’s maknae and their admiration at how much he has grown as a person and as artists.

Recently, it was revealed how the creative process that Jungkook followed to prepare this melody was, where he had the opportunity to see a bit of the film that also bears the name of Your Eyes Tell.

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