Jungkook, performance on Jimmy Fallon’s show


In various countries, Jungkook became the internet sensation with his performance with the boys of BTS.

BTS’s Jungkook is no stranger to breaking the internet and shaking the world, and this time she was no exception due to her stunning visual performance and aura on stage at Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.

Monday marked the start of BTS Week on the show, BTS sang their No. 1 song “Dynamite” and created a special performance of “IDOL” at Gyeongbokgung Palace as Korea prepares to celebrate Chuseok.

Jungkook appeared in a bun (or half ponytail) and a classy Hanbok outfit that exposed part of his chest, and this put ARMY all over the world in a frenzy.

Jungkook quickly climbed Twitter trends after the performance aired, trending globally and in 79 countries.

Jungkook dominated the internet with his look and acting

It reached # 1 on US and World Trends with over 1 million mentions, proving its unrivaled worldwide popularity for the umpteenth time. It is a widely known fact that Jungkook is extremely popular in the US, always having the highest trend among the members there.

Jungkook was also trending in South Korea and was the most trending BTS member on Twipple Japan after the performance. Jungkook’s Google searches also peaked at 100 with “Chignon – Hairstyle” seeing a 1,100% increase in searches for related topics.

“Hanbok – Dress” also experienced a break in searches related to Jungkook. Western media were also not lost in reporting on the hype surrounding Jungkook and his stunning image in acting, highlighting his bun as the show’s thief.

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One fan said: “Jungkook is a trendsetter, I mean, his presence himself is so great. And he has always been a fierce artist, but these days his aura is different. His confidence is on fire! The global trend # 1 now! ”


Another ARMY member added, “Jungkook’s hair fits perfectly with his hanbok, the setting, and the theme of today’s IDOL performance. I love how they brought back all the traditional elements while celebrating Chuseok in Korea. King Jungkook at Gyeongbokgung Palace! ”

“The Gyeongbokgung Palace. The black hanbok-inspired suits. The giant moon … and Jungkook’s man bun. I’m holding my breath, I forgot to breathe again!” Another social media user expressed emotion.

“Jungkook with his chest exposed and his hair in a bun is the top concept,” wrote another ARMY.

Even hours after the performance aired, Jungkook still has a strong trend, showing that the hype around him will not fade anytime soon.

Jungkook also stole the show during Dynamite’s performance with his clear voice, yellow outfit, and ravishing hairstyle.

Many fans were also impressed by the “light and dark” duality Jungkook portrayed on the show, with Dynamite Jungkook cited as “the cause of his euphoria” and IDOL Jungkook “being the cause of his death”.

Jungkook is truly a fashion icon, his bun (hairstyle) will definitely be the next trendsetter just like the way he took over the world with his iconic long hair. Did you like Jungkook’s performance? What was your favorite part of the show?


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