Jungkook names V the most handsome man in the world


Jungkook praises Taehyung and describes his beauty on the 5th Muster Magic Shop DVD. BTS released the DVD of their fan meeting in Japan, revealing the behind-the-scenes footage of their concerts, where the BigHit boys lived great moments alongside ARMY and also demonstrated once again the great friendship that exists between the members. This is what Jungkook thinks of V.

Following the release of the new Bangtan DVD, ARMY has shared various video clips of the 5TH Muster Magic Shop in its Japanese edition. The video footage recorded various moments during their trip, including the interactions between Jungkook and Taehyung, fans were moved by the words that one of them gave to the other.

The scene shows the idols of the K-pop group leaving the stadium where they performed the rehearsals for their presentation, despite looking tired, they joke a little on the way to the vans that will take them to the hotel, but Jungkook asks to go with V and jokes about wanting to share the way home.


The moment that ARMY fell in love was when V asked the reason behind his intention to accompany him, Kookie explained that he wants to drive by his side, but also because he considers V the most handsome man in the world and the number 1 face, initially the idol He didn’t seem convinced, admitting that he no longer had makeup on.

Jungkook insisted and told him that it wasn’t necessary because he was still number one. Awwwww! ARMY shared the video on their social networks, as they thought it was a very tender gesture on the part of the idol. BTS not only preaches self-love, but also in others, making them feel confident about themselves.

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