Jungkook named the new James Dean for his beauty


BTS’s Golden Maknae could have the same impact as Hollywood figure James Dean, a South Korean researcher spoke about what the two stars represent to their respective generations.

The boys of BTS are known all over the world with their music, but in recent years they have earned their place as agents of change, representing many generations who feel a connection with the performers of ‘ON’.

Jungkook is a very young boy who has known fame at a very young age, originally from South Korea, he is a mature artist who has a lot of influence within his fandom and the public that follows his career as a Korean pop idol.

The minor member of the Bangtan Boys has not only earned his place as one of the stars of the musical firmament, but also a person who has impacted the beauty, technology and fashion industries.


James Dean was a handsome actor born in Marion, Indiana in the United States in 1931, he began with small roles in local theaters and later he moved to the city of Los Angeles in California to try his luck. Dean starred in cult films such as “Rebel Without a Cause” in 1955, “East Of Eden” in 1954 and “Giant” in 1955.

Dean passed away at the young age of 24 in 1955 due to a car accident that created an aura of mysteries around his life and career, as often happens with movie legends. James has become an icon of the seventh art and masculinity.

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Recently some international media have talked about the similarities between Jungkook of the Bangtan Boys and James Dean, who are figures to be followed by millions of people due to their style, beauty, talents and personality.

Lim Sung Soon, Director of the Korean Language Research Institute, has studied the influence of the Golden Maknae and the 1950s actor on pop culture and international society.

Sung Soon said:

Jungkook is a handsome boy, he receives a lot of praise for his visual, recently he has been the target of praise compared to James Dean

The academic explained that the idol of Big Hit Entertainment and the actor are legends because of their beauty, who are more powerful because of their charms, the Director of the Korean Language Research Institute concluded:

Many people praise Jungkook for having the same influence as James Dean, BTS’s youngest idol wears unisex looks, genderless fashion, Jungkook attracts everyone and has a great influence among young people

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