Jungkook, “My Time” show has become a trend


BTS’s youngest member Jungkook again dominated social media during the Map Of The Soul ON: E concert.

BTS launched the two-day Maps Of The Soul online concert ON: E with the performance of their hit songs like ON, Black Swan, We Are Bulletproof: Eternal, and solo songs by each member.

Jungkook’s performance in My Time gained a lot of attention and hype for his astonishing voice, smooth dance moves, and overall charisma on stage.

Jungkook climbed the trends of Twitter and reached the number 1 spot worldwide, including in the United States. My Time was also trending both around the world and in the US, showing immense enthusiasm for Jungkook’s solo performance.

My Time was also trending on Korea’s MelOn platform at No. 5. Overall, Jungkook and My Time trending in 92 countries on the first day of the MOTS ON online concert: E. My Time was also trending among the most. all the solo performances on the last day of the show.


ARMY loved Jungkook’s performance

Thousands of fans called ARMY reacted in a crazed way to the show that the Golden Maknae offered. “(referring to My Time) Hands down my favorite performance of the night. Jeon Jungkook, you are a rock star,” wrote one fan.

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Another expressed, “The acting of my time was truly an experience. From stunning vocals to smooth and sexy dance moves. The setting. All of his aura, energy, how he owned this whole place while performing, I’m absolutely speechless. Jeon Jungkook is without a doubt one of the best performers out there. ”

“This start here. The detailed movements that follow the beat are fascinating. His powerful stage presence from the first second. The stage genius Jungkook,” declared another ARMY.

My Time, from vocal king and stage genius Jungkook, as well as being BTS’s highest-rated solo song on Billboard Hot100, is also a show-stealing masterpiece. Did you like Kookie’s performance? What was your favorite part of the virtual concert?


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