Jungkook, most-streamed artist in Tajikistan with ‘My Time’


Jungkook has positioned himself as the most listened to artist in Tajikistan, reaching # 1 in 104 countries with his track ‘My time’.

Jungkook continues to rise like foam in terms of success and popularity, as the BTS idol has received a large number of awards and recognitions, both internationally at events and by the ARMY.

Now the famous singer has reached number 1 of views in Tajikistan with his great hit ‘My Time’, something that moved BTS fans, not only in the country, but also in other parts of the world.

With this new achievement there is no doubt that Jungkook could soon become the most beloved and popular member of the Bangtan Boys if his streak of success continues as it has for the past few weeks.

Jungkook conquers Tajikistan with My Time

In the last hours it has been revealed that Jungkook reached the # 1 position of reproductions in the Asian country, this thanks to his song ‘My Time’, which currently has more than 30 million reproductions on YouTube in all the videos that have been shared.

As we recently informed you in Somagnews, Jungkook also won first place in the top art of K-Pop stars, proving that singing and dancing are not his only talents, and that with the support of BTS he has given to know worldwide.

It is worth mentioning that with this feat, the idol also achieved the number 1 position in 104 countries through iTunes, which leaves no doubt that Jungkook’s song has been one of the most successful that he has released as a soloist.

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The world falls in love with Jungkook

It should be mentioned that this November 20, BTS’s new studio album goes on sale ‘BE’, so the ARMY is already looking forward to it, and Jungkook is one of the members who could stand out the most with this record production.

With Jungkook’s popularity rising in India in recent weeks and his recent triumph in Tajikistan, it is only a matter of time before all of Asia falls for the idol’s talent and charm.


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