Jungkook misbehaves Jin on ‘in the SOOP’


ARMY died laughing at the mischief Jungkook played on Jin in the new forward of ‘In The Soop’, the new BTS series.

One of the strongest friendships that exists within BTS is that of Jin and Jungkook, who during their stay in the successful South Korean group have experienced fun moments that have undoubtedly become the favorites of the entire ARMY.

Thanks to the series ‘In The SOOP’, loyal fans have been able to get to know the boys of BTS more thoroughly and it was during a preview of the next episode that ARMY died of laughter when seeing the funny prank that Jungkook did to Jin, this as part of his revenge for leaving him forgotten at a gas station.

The South Korean band has let ARMY know new details of what happens in his life when he is away from the spotlight and this third episode will not be the exception because Kim Seok-jin will suffer with a little joke that his partner will play against him , which will make all idols laugh.

Jungkook takes revenge on Jin with tremendous mischief

It turns out that in a past episode of ‘Bon Voyage’, the 27-year-old idol forgot Jungkook at a gas station and despite the fact that this joke has been a long time, everything seems to indicate that until now Kookie will be able to take revenge on Jin.

In the preview for ‘In The SOOP’ Worldwide Handsome is seen being abandoned by his fellow BTS members, who rush to their trucks because Jungkook jokingly suggested they leave without him.

Jin could not arrive in time to catch up with his companions, who left the site aboard their trucks; ARMY was left laughing when he learned that the idol tried a soup of his own chocolate, but what caught the attention was that he only managed to say “Yoongi Hey!” while looking extremely puzzled.

Do you like the friendship that exists between Jin and Jungkook? Did you find Kookie’s joke on the Worldwide Handsome funny? Leave your answer in the comments.


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