Jungkook met a very special friend on the set of …


“Deaechwita” surprised the entire ARMY, Suga has had a successful release of “Agust D2”, whose video brought many surprises, such as the appearance of Jin and Jungkook.

The idol was inspired by the ancient times of South Korea, so the set was an ancient village where his companions played 2 funny characters, but it seems that Jungkook had a peculiar encounter while filming the MV.

According to the testimony of a person who worked on the filming, different elements were used to recreate a real ancient town, so there were carts and animals, including a chicken that conquered Kookie.

According to the anecdote, this meeting was very friendly, since the idol seemed to have good chemistry with her, since he was able to caress her and called her cute. Awwww!

Undoubtedly, this meeting was much more friendly than the one he had long ago with a rooster, whom he wanted to imitate while they were in a field, Jungkook even ran like these animals would, but he totally ignored it. LOL

Apparently, his taste for animals makes him very sociable with them, since the witness said that throughout the filming he did not detach himself from his side.

It is not the first time that the idol has fun moments with some animals, he recently went to the Jin family farm and had a little discussion with a dog, LOL He certainly has a facility to socialize with pets, although it does not always turn out as he expects.


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