Jungkook makes such an offer for the sake of his life


At some point in his life, Jungkook from the BTS group will find true love and want to get married. So we will show you what the idol would look like when he asks the question.

There are marriage proposals that are beautiful and that show all the love there is between two people, but what would it be like if BTS’s Jungkook asked his ideal girl to marry his? The situation could be romantic and dreamlike.

Jungkook is one of the most popular idols in the K-pop world, the boy from the city of Busan has conquered the public with his charms.

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Also called the Golden Maknae he is concentrating on BTS’s upcoming comeback with the recording material of ‘BE’, so his schedule is always full and there is no room for love.

Korean pop celebrities are human, at some point they will have to develop in the realm of love, meet their ideal girl and get married.

Weddings are a whole party where the paths of two people come together, prior to the preparations for such a celebration, there is a very important step, the request for a hand or marriage proposal.

Marriage proposals are usually an event full of surprises and a good atmosphere, where the groom gives an engagement ring to his partner, the accessory symbolizes a pact of love and fidelity.

This could be Jungkook’s marriage proposal

A wedding is a great step for a couple and it is a test of love, in which they will evaluate if they were destined to be together or not. There are marriage proposals that have gone viral because of the level of preparation and production they show.

Jungkook is an artist who has proven to be persevering and courageous, so if a girl steals his heart, the BTS singer will do whatever it takes to be close to that person. How cute!

The youngest member of BTS has talked about his wishes to start a family in the future and we are sure that the marriage proposal he prepares for his girlfriend will be incredible.

For that day, maybe Jungkook is sporting a special look and unexpectedly opens the box he chose for the ring, while looking his partner in the eyes. OMG!

Through the new Samsung commercial, ARMY could see what a Jungkook marriage proposal would look like, in the clip the idol appears opening a black box and inside there is a gift, headphones with a unique design, at the end, the artist of Big Hit Entertainment company looks at the camera and can’t help but show their happiness. Would you say yes to Jungkook?

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