Jungkook joins the Bugs Bunny celebration for his 80 …


Bugs Bunny celebrated his birthday by remembering his resemblance to Jungkook. BTS is the group of the moment and even the Looney Tunes know it, that’s why they made the idol group’s maknae part of the fun 80th anniversary celebration of one of their most iconic characters.

Bugs Bunny is celebrating 80 years since its appearance today with the unique personality that distinguishes it, since the previously called ‘Happy Rabit’ underwent some modifications before being the Bugs Bunny that we all saw on television.

Celebrating such an iconic character had to be big, which is why the Looney Tunes Twitter account took the initiative and shared the new Bugs emoji accompanying the hashtags #BugsBunny and # BugsBunny80.

But that was not all, since this account also took up an old thread created by BTS fans where they show Jungkook as Bugs Bunny thanks to the looks and situations in which the idol appears within the chosen images.

Let’s remember that the emoji that distinguishes Jungkook among the members of BTS is precisely a rabbit, which makes this comparison an even more fun event.

Bugs Bunny also recently became a phenomenon of social networks thanks to the socialist meme of ‘we have’, a funny image that made us feel identified on more than one occasion.

For their part, Jungkook and BTS are preparing to release a new song very soon. If you want to know all the details of him comeback click here.

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