Jungkook is the youngest Asian to top Billboard


Jungkook has been praised for his voice on the cover of “Savage Love” and has become the youngest Asian artist to conquer Billboard.

Billboard recently announced their weekly top10 Hot100 and BTS earned their second # 1 (after Dynamite) as they are credited for Savage Love Remix, which ranks at # 1 on the Billboard Hot100 this week.

Dynamite also ranks at # 2, resulting in BTS having both # 1 and # 2 songs on the charts simultaneously on Billboard Hot100, which is a rare feat, especially for an Asian act.

Following this, Jungkook becomes the youngest Asian to sing the # 1 and # 2 songs on the charts simultaneously, also for two # 1 songs on Billboard Hot100 (as Dynamite reached # 1 on the chart for 3 weeks. ).

This is a great achievement that demonstrates Jungkook’s credibility as a world-class singer. With this remix collaboration, Jungkook now has 3 entries on the Billboard Hot100: his solo My Time and 2 collaborations Waste It On Me and Savage Love Remix.

His solo song Euphoria, which charted at No. 5 on the Hot100 chart, was also supposed to have made it to the Billboard Hot100 if it had had a proper release and MV, according to K-pop columnist Jeff Benjamin. It’s sad to remember, but let’s not stop at that.

The media praised Jungkook’s talent

Jungkook, Suga, and J-Hope participated in Savage Love Remix alongside Jason Derulo and Jawsh 685. The Golden Maknae in particular received tons of compliments and praise for their versatile pop voice (and stylish two f * cks) from the media, fans and netizens from all over the world.

“Jungkook singing #SavageLoveRemix is honestly the BEST thing I could have woken up today,” stated MTV. “Jungkook from @BTS_twt singing #SavageLoveRemix will brighten your day,” Deezer wrote.

“Hearing Jungkook about wild love and spending it with me back to back is a momentous experience,” said one fan. “Jeon Jungkook’s voice is pop material, which is so evident even when you listen to her, rolling backwards,” said another follower.

‘세비지 럽 정국’, which means Savage Love Jungkook in Korean, was even trending on South Korea’s Twitter after the remix’s success at # 1 on Billboard Hot100.

Television news stations around the world were not missed to report on the success of Savage Love Remix and BTS landing on the Billboard Hot100 Top 2, highlighting Jungkook’s astonishing voice as well as Suga’s rap parts. and J-hope.

CNN on their ‘Early Start’ broadcast reported that “The group (BTS) landed at # 1 and # 2 on the Billboard Hot100 with Savage Love Remix and Dynamite.” The K-pop sensation is the first group to accomplish this feat since the Black Eyed Peas did it in 2009.

Korea’s 24-hour news channel YTN reported that “BTS has achieved a milestone by placing 2 songs at No. 1 and No. 2 simultaneously on the US billboard. The BTS-collaborated remix of ‘Savage Love’ peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

BTS also becomes the first group to take the top two spots on Billboard’s digital song sales chart with two sets of songs, namely Dynamite and Savage Love Remix were joined by ON and My Time, which were previously listed.

Jungkook has become a top-notch all-around singer, and as K-pop columnist Jeff Benjamin said, “Jungkook has become a kind of next-level superstar.” Do you think Kookie should release more solo songs?

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