Jungkook is the victim of dating rumors with an actress …


Is Jungkook related to an actress older than him? The idol has been the victim of love rumors. Dating relationships are one of the most private things for K-pop idols, there are rumors, fan speculations and surprise announcements that are confirmed by the agencies or by the idols themselves so as not to create misunderstandings with their fans.

It is not the first time that Jungkook is lovingly related to someone, previously, rumors circulated about a possible relationship with a tattoo artist whom he is friends with, but BigHit denied the information, but recently there was speculation about a courtship with actress Hwang Hana, 32 years.

Some Korean media shared the news of the alleged romance between the two, taking up comments from some knetizens who “put the pieces together” about Hwang being a fan of BTS, in addition, according to him, she reported that she was dating someone younger and assumed that it was the idol.

However, the actress himselfcame to her defense and denied said rumors, arguing that she has never personally met Jungkook and does not want either of them to get hurt for spreading false news when she has a boyfriend and him claims were only random.

For their part, neither Jungkook nor BigHir had the need to go out to clarify things, as the fans themselves admitted that they had never heard or read about the alleged relationship. Hwang Hana assured that him social networks will be private from now on to avoid any misunderstandings.

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Hwang Hana is a Korean actress, who was ex-fiancee of Yoochun, a former member of TVXQ. Both were involved in substance abuse allegations. The rumor was caused by haters who could somehow affect the idol’s reputation.


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