Jungkook is probably already recording his new mixtape


BTS’s Jungkook held a YouTube live stream, and fans are convinced that his mixtape will be released soon.

What do you mean Jungkook got going? When everyone but expected it, Jungkook uploaded a video to the YouTube channel BANGTANTV. The video is just over two minutes long and shows Jungkook working on a song in a studio.

While it could be in relation to BTS’s upcoming album, some fans are convinced that it is a sign that Jungkook will be releasing his long-awaited mixtape soon.

The short YouTube upload is tagged “2008 ** Jung Kook”, which means it was probably filmed sometime in August 2020, but the exact date is censored. Jungkook streamed the video on September 19, 2020, and when the video is opened, it is muted.

Jungkook is seen standing in a study holding a sheet of paper, while another person sits in front of a computer with his back to the camera. The two seem to be listening to a song. The video is activated so fans can hear them have a discussion about what they are working on.

They mention the lyrics “Together, wherever” and “Yes, I know you always stay.” It is then decided that they will re-record once Jungkook’s throat is “primed and ready” to “get a clean recording.”

The video is cut and Jungkook is seen sitting in front of the computer. The sound is muted again, but Jungkook begins to dance on his seat while listening to the song.

BTS fans think video could be about Jungkook’s mixtape

Jungkook first revealed that he was working on various songs in 2019, even posting an original song of his on Twitter for his birthday. Over the past year, he’s dropped clues about the status of his mixtape, including that he plans to release song after song in a short period of time rather than on an album.

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On June 5, 2020, Jungkook released his song “Still With You” on SoundCloud for 2020 BTS FESTA, an annual celebration where BTS commemorates their debut with ARMY. He produced the ballad with Big Hit Entertainment’s Pdogg.

For months, fans have been suspicious that Jungkook will release his mixtape soon. After the BTS singer posted the video on YouTube, ARMY showed the trend of “JUNGKOOK WENT LIVE” and “JJK1 IS COMING” on Twitter.

“Jungkook has an Apple Music page and a verified Spotify page … I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but I already did, please let it be a sign that jjk1 is coming,” tweeted a fan.

Jungkook’s video could be from BTS’s next album

In April 2020, RM revealed to ARMY during a YouTube live stream that BTS was preparing a new album. He also told fans that the members would be holding YouTube live broadcasts to show the process of creating the band’s album.

In recent months, BTS members have posted YouTube live streams, ranging from Suga telling fans that BTS will produce the album on their own to a pre-recorded meeting of the seven members to discuss what they want him to look like. album.

Because YouTube videos of this nature on the BANGTANGTV channel have been associated with BTS’s upcoming album, there is a possibility that that is what Jungkook was working on in the live stream.

Until confirmed, all fans can do is speculate. BTS’s album is expected to be released later this year, so we should find out soon. Would you like Jungkook to have his own mixtape before or after BTS’s new album?


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