Jungkook is part of a campaign of a social distancing


The idol is an inspirational figure for students in an emergency situation. BTS’s Jungkook is part of a campaign of social distancing from the pandemic that continues in the world.

The coronavirus is still alerting the world and although measures have decreased in some countries, the so-called “new normal” still stands, so that society is looking for new ways to resume its activities and avoid infections.

The University Sunway , Malaysia has implemented some security measures for their students respect the social distancing and not contract the virus. The school used some of its classrooms to display the image of famous celebrities from sports, film, art, music and TV.

Characters like Woody, Messi, Mr. Bean, JK. Rowling, among others, along with Jungkook , appear in the classrooms, respecting the distance between them, as an example to the students. They also placed the gigantographies in different areas such as the cafeteria.

Jungkook’s photo shows him sitting and looking at the front. The University wants to inspire the community to follow the rules through their favorite artists. BTS had to postpone their tour until the following year due to restrictions that still persist in the United States.

Although massive events, such as concerts, exhibitions and more, are still prohibited, the population gradually begins to resume their activities, but with the necessary precautions.

The figure of Kookie surprised some fans, who took pictures of the campaign . BTS’s solidarity was also reflected in the Blacks Lives Matter movement, donating $1 million. And what measures have you taken during the quarantine?

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And to recognize the work of doctors and health professionals, BTS will join the Disney Channel’s ARDYs Summer Playlist , an event where various artists will have a special appearance this coming July 10.


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