Jungkook is invited to Bob Ross during BTS In The Soop


Jungkook’s talents have no limits, the idol showed his admiration for Bob Ross during the most recent episode of the BTS In The Soop show.

We have repeatedly seen Jungkook show his love for painting in front of fans, this idol enjoys sharing some of his work with ARMY and recently let us see that he has adopted some characteristics of Bob Ross’s technique.

Previously, Jungkook had seen some clips of Bob Ross painting and giving advice, which motivated him to practice a bit and learn from his style. On the most recent episode of BTS In The Soop, the golden maknae again showed his talents for painting and allowed us to appreciate how much the idol learned from the art instructor, we tell you the details below.

BTS In The Soop takes us to know many of the adventures of the members of the group while they are relaxing and connecting with nature, in the last episode that has been revealed, RM and Jungkook were sharing a special moment when they decided to paint their own pictures .


Namjoon and Jungkook were sitting on the floor, turning their backs to each other as each focused on his painting, but the maknae took a moment to joke with the leader of BTS and also showed that he is a fan of Bob Ross by imitating the peculiar way this artist shakes his brushes.

Many fans think that the style Jungkook used when painting during this episode of BTS In the Soop is very similar to what he learned by watching Bob Ross, so they used their social networks to mention the artistic evolution that the idol has had in this area .

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The group members also showed their surprise at the vocalist’s abilities, V and J-Hope mentioned how good his work was, while RM admitted that he was so focused on his own painting that when he turned to see Jungkook he had a great impression. .

His fellow Bangtan Sonyeondan members did not hesitate to mention the singer’s resemblance to Bob Ross due to his abilities, noting that he is a talent that runs in his veins.


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