Jungkook Is Crowned The Most Famous Idol, What Is The Top 10?


Jungkook tops the list and many idols are widely recognized but only one is the most famous. Many idols enjoy great popularity, but only some can be the most famous, who has managed to be the most recognized?

BTS , BLACKPINK , TWICE , TXT and more bands have managed to position themselves in the K-Pop industry , with the talents of all and all their idols , the effort and discipline they put on stage , they have managed to launch into stardom and be recognized in all the world.

How can we measure the fame of an artist ? Thanks to the internet, the searches that are carried out, the videos seen, photos shared and more, we are able to have statistics about how popular a person is; many idols are searched on the web to obtain as much information as possible about them, photographs, videos, and fans share their love for them on different social networks .

Who are the 10 most popular or famous idols ? The top 10 has many members that almost everyone knows in K-Pop.



BTS’s Jungkook is the most famous idol of all, his searches are amazing, everyone wants to know about this idol .


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JK is the most popular idol in K-Pop.


BTS’s Taehyung is highly recognized and loved, there is no doubt that he is an extremely popular idol, proof that all the members of BTS are very famous.

V is a great idol.


Definitely the first places will be the idols of Bangtan Sonyeondan being the most popular and relevant group of K-Pop. So Jimin is in third place.

Do you love Jimin too?


The rapper Bangtan Boys , Suga , is also very popular and sought after for their fans, leaving him in fourth place in this top.

Yoongi is an amazing artist.


BLACKPINK is a girl group full of great idols and Lisa is the most popular of its members, being highly sought after by her fans on the internet.

Very soon, with Lalisa , we will love it as a soloist.


The singer IU is very popular, her talents and extensive career have led her to gain great fame and gain many fans who do not stop looking for her.

Loved or hated, IU always wins fame.


The renowned Worldwide Handsome of BTS is in the seventh position being a very famous and popular idol ; Jin is amazing and never fails to delight us with his talents on stage.

Jin is a very talented idol with a cute personality.


BLACKPINK’s Jennie couldn’t be left behind, being a super popular singer and dancer within K-Pop and highly sought after; everyone wants to know about this idol.


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What do you admire most about Jennie?


The leader of BTS represents the band better than anyone and RM is a very famous, popular and recognized idol thanks to his excellent work and effort.

Namjoon has impressed us with all his talents.


The 7 idols of BTS are in the top 10 of most famous idols, J-Hope stays in this position being a talented rapper and dancer for Bangtan .

What do you think about this top? Do you think any other idols were missing? All enjoy great fame and many fans but only some may be the most popular.


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