Jungkook is considered an AS of K-pop thanks to his talent


BTS’s Jungkook is considered an AS within the K-pop industry. In addition to dazzling with his nickname, the youngest of the BigHit group has gained great popularity with only 22 years of age, being so young he has achieved several of his dreams and has received incredible samples of love from his fans, an example of This was on his birthday, breaking project records to celebrate his day.

According to the K-pop portal Starz, Jungkook was chosen on the list of idols considered as an AS within the industry, which is why it always becomes a trend and leads Internet searches, remember that it even boosted sales of milk after recreating the Got Milk campaign and celebrating on Twitter the # 1 Billboard BTS achieved with “Dynamite”.

According to the article, Jungkook is described as a prodigy and talented idol, as he exceeds the expectations of anyone in singing and dancing, without a doubt, the name of Golden Maknae is something that fits him perfectly, the medium described him like a boy with a very attractive personality.

Jungkook has so much power that he can have a media influence like no other, managing to exhaust clothes or accessories that he uses for the simple fact of being him, in addition, his tattoos have given him a much more attractive aura, such as magnets, it is impossible to resist to the idol. For his birthday, an entire train was even rented to be wallpaper with his image and congratulatory messages.

ARMY is eager for his to release his first mixtape, something that he has been working on for a long time and they hope he can surprise with his solo talent, although he continues to shine alongside his 6 bandmates. Jungkook is quite an AS, he is the perfect piece that can dazzle on stage, in fact, his favorite color is red, something that denotes passion and energy towards something you love.

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