Jungkook increased the sale of MILK in the United States


The influence of BTS’s Jungkook has now helped milk companies increase their profits in the United States and other countries.

With the popularity of the band, it is no wonder that each member also has their own group of followers and Jungkook is one of those members who has more fans. For proof, you don’t need to promote to trend or sell.

He is a powerful celebrity who can sell anything simply by holding or wearing a product. This is why he was dubbed someone with the “Midas Touch.” Jungkook lives up to this nickname and indeed after BTS’s “Dynamite” dropped last month and placed the no. 1 on Billboard, unintentionally also promoted the consumption of milk.

Jungkook can make garments, bags, shoes, fabric conditioners, perfumes, wine, and now even milk for them to run out and you can do it effortlessly. For example, it was revealed that milk brands have joined the success of “Dynamite” and the product has just gained a lot of attention.

It all started when on September 3, Jungkook posted a photo of himself holding a glass of milk. The caption shows part of the lyrics of “Dynamite” sung by Jungkook that says: “Shoes on, get up in the morning ‘Cup of milk, let’s rock.”

This post was retweeted by Got Milk ?, an American advertising campaign that encourages the consumption of milk. The group captioned the retweet with “Does Jungkook start his day with a cup of milk or do we start our day with him?”

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This apparently caused fans to drink milk, and before long, milk sales in the US were said to have surged. Jungkook fans tweeted about it and shared that the idol singer helped the American economy a bit.

“Milk skyrocketed a bit in the US economy, according to Trading Economics yesterday after Jungkook posted,” the tweet reads. “Look at the 1.62% increase yesterday.”

Promotion of milk outside the US courtesy of Jungkook

It seems that not only the United States but other parts of the world are also seeing an increase in milk consumption after Jungkook posted his photo holding a glass of milk.

French dairy producer Les Produits Laitiers was very impressed by what Jungkook has done and also retweeted the singer’s post.

In the caption, the company wrote: “So we’ve been pushing for 2 years and they get 2 million likes on a glass of milk? Very good.”

Allkpop also reported that Jungkook has already appeared in the famous Indonesian milk company called Indomilk and will surely help the company to sell its products. His unmatched influence is truly an amazing thing about him. Do you think Kookie should collaborate with a milk brand to create an original flavor?


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