Jungkook helps a brand gain thousands of fans


BTS idol Jungkook managed to earn a clothing brand thousands of followers on social media. Look how he did it!

It is a well known fact that BTS vocalist Jungkook has tremendously insane economic power, proven many times by numerous sold out episodes such as the Downy phenomenon, the sale of PRADA jackets in 25 countries and many other instances.

To top it all, Jungkook’s immense brand reputation succeeded in turning unfamiliar small companies into big-ticket brands, just like Zijangsa; because Jungkook wore his modernized hanbok and 23.65, because Jungkook wore his multicolored V2 shoes.

This time around, a clothing brand called “A NOTHING” saw a huge following following their Instagram post of Jungkook wearing their clothes on his V Live birthday.

Jungkook was spotted in plain striped baggy pants and an off-the-shoulder velvet t-shirt during V Live, accentuating his attractive figure and showcasing his elegant sense of fashion.

He completed the elegant look with a men’s bow tie, sending ARMY everyone into a frenzy. Jungkook also wore the same brand on an episode of BTS In The Soop, which was also posted on the brand’s Instagram account.

The brand’s Instagram had gained more than 8,000 new followers in just one day from their posts of Jungkook wearing his clothes, a huge improvement compared to the 2-year time frame it took to gain 1,000 followers they had. As of now, the brand’s Instagram account already stands at 12.9k followers and continues to count.

It is important to note that A NOTHING is a genderless fashion designer brand, which explains why Jungkook wears and supports them, as he previously made a comment on Vanity Fair 2019’s Best Dresses List about what it’s a great style: “Wear what you want, regardless of gender.”

Jungkook is a thoughtful intellectual who speaks his mind; Now add this to the already long list of what we are proud of Jeon Jungkook.

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Jungkook and his great influence in the world of fashion

Jungkook really deserves a special mention for being “the business producer” of multiple unknown small brands.

To recap what happened to Zijangsa, the small company that started with just 10 employees was invited to operate a major department store after Jungkook turned its modernized hanbok into a success, not only in South Korea but also around the world. .

Even the company could not keep up with the huge demand for modernized hanbok from countries as far away as the United States, Russia and Saudi Arabia. Do you think more artists should support small brands to help them grow like Jungkook does?


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