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Jungkook Has The Cutest Pet, He Knows All About Gureum


BTS Jungkook has shared their love for animals with ARMY, do you already know Jungkook’s pet? We are all happy to have a pet and with BTS idols he is no exception, Jungkook has a cute little dog named Gureum, do you want to know everything about him?

The pets are great companions for humans and the idols is no exception, many of them share with their fans love for the tender animals that accompany them when they are at home , they tell us how much they miss the exit tour and show that your pet is part of your family .

The idols of BTS also have their faithful companions, such as Taehyung and Yeontan , a puppy that we have even seen with other members of Bangtan Sonyeondan and whom ARMY has a lot of affection for, without a doubt, it is one of the most popular pets in the K -Pop.

But Jungkook also has a pet that he loves very much and he has not stopped showing his love for Gureum , the name of the little animal with which he lives and adores, do you already know him?


Jeon Jungkook adopted a haven for animals to Gureum a dog breed Maltese , usually this pet JK ‘s at his parents and his older brother is in charge of Gureum; but the idol adores his puppy, always mentions it and has shared pictures of the dog with ARMY.


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On Bangtan’s official Twitter , the Golden Maknae updated on his pet.

ARMY loves to see Gureum’s photographs.

Although it has been a while since JK has not been with Gureum, the idol does not stop remembering him and mentions him in interviews , he undoubtedly loves his pet and proves to be a cute and caring owner.


Gureum means ‘Cloud’ , that’s why Kookie’s puppy is called like that, since it is a very fluffy white dog that looks like a cloud, a super cute and perfect pet for the BTS idol ; with the art talents of the Golden Maknae , he even made a drawing of Gureum.

That’s how great the love JK has for his pet is and we can’t help but adore both Jungkook and Gureum best duo <3. We love to see the love that the BTS members share with their pets, a very sweet and cuddly side of these South Korean artists .



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