Jungkook has new tattoos with very special meaning


BTS: Jungkook surprised the ARMY with a new set of tattoos that have a very deep meaning for the idol

Jungkook keeps adding new tattoos to his body collection and has a very significant one.

The BigHit idol continues to surprise the ARMY with his tattoos, which he has left on display fewer times than his fans would like, as they have not yet been able to accurately appreciate the ink drawings that Kookie has decided to keep permanently as an accessory more of your body.

With the release of Japan’s 5th Muster Magic Shop DVD, BTS has shared several behind-the-scenes moments with ARMY, such as rehearsals, the boys’ thoughts, and the memories they have created with each other while living, working, and rehearsing. her performances and Jungkook knows that the K-pop group is an important part of her life.

Jungkook’s new tattoos

Some scenes from the DVD are circulating on social media where the boys are shown in the rehearsal room, and one of the captured images managed to focus on Jungkook’s arms.

The 22-year-old K-Pop star wore a black short-sleeved T-shirt, further highlighting the ink on her skin and revealing new tattoos with very special meaning.

In the photo you can see the traditional Chinese symbols that he has on his arm, just below his right elbow. Both were used by Bangtan to illustrate the album trilogy “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life”.

The so-called sinograms translate as “The era of flourishing”, besides being a group work, it is also a great life lesson.

Jungkook has kept his tattoos low-key, and perhaps it is a personal decision, since tattoos usually represent something important in the life of the person who draws them and he can keep it private, although it is also known that the K-pop industry does not. it’s so open with these body modifications.

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Some ARMY members shared the photo and praised the beauty of their tattoos as a permanent embroidery that not only serves as an aesthetic accessory, but also tells life stories, represents something or someone, the idol may have chosen these symbols.

Although he is barely 22 years old, Jungkook has made a great journey with BTS in the world, he is only flourishing to reach the peak of his life. Tell us what you think in the comments.


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