Jungkook has “Gold” personality and “Filter” record


BTS’s Jungkook is Jimin’s Golden idol + new Filter record.

It has been revealed that Jungkook has been chosen as the idol with the most golden personality, because he always bows / nods to all reporters and fans demonstrating his humility. Congratulations to Golden Maknae on this achievement!

On the other hand, BTS’s Jimin Filter has been on Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart for more than 21 weeks, being the song that has been on this ranking for the longest in its history.

In addition, Jin Moon has ranked No. 1 in 100 countries with iTunes, extending her record.

Finally, BTS has become the only Korean group in all of history to be nominated for the top 4 awards in the US (AMAs, BBMAs, Grammy Awards, VMAs).

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