Jungkook great success for the famous fashion brand


Just wearing a Jungkook garment achieves perfect sales for a fashion house, here are the details.

One of the most important newspapers in South Korea, ‘JoongAng Ilbo’, published an article in its economics section entitled “That fashion that BTS wore took over Europe” And it is that the fashion brand based in Seoul ‘Andersson Bell ‘, which was founded in 2014, became a viral hit after Jungkook was seen wearing his sneakers at BBMA 2019.

According to the South Korean newspaper, the brand sold 92% of its merchandise in the select luxury store in the United Kingdom. As a result, ‘Andersson Bell’ turned into another British luxury fashion retail platform, ‘Farfetch’, this shows how much influence BTS’s Golden Maknae has.

In fact, Jungkook not only managed to spark success at ‘Andersson Bell’ but also helped Canadian online luxury retailer ‘Ssense’ as it increased brand purchases more than 5 times over last year.

Likewise, the also known as Jungkookie, proved that the newspaper article will be positioned at number 1 among the most read articles in the economics section ‘JoongAng Ilbo’.

Jongkook in South Korean and US article headline

The article read: “Andersson Bell, a local contemporary fashion brand founded in 2014, has seen overseas sales soar thanks to the boy band BTS. The fashion company quickly became a viral hit after the member of the band Jungkook wore his sneakers to the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. ”

The US outlet ‘The Washington Newsday’ also published an article about it, stating that “Andersson Bell, a Seoul-based contemporary casual brand, sold out online after BTS band member Jungkook wore a pair of the company’s shoes at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.

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It seems that making a fashion brand he used to sell (almost) is really Jungkook’s forte, as this was not the first time it happened, as the BTS rapper had caused many outfits he wore to be sold before, and one of the most famous frenzy events was the luxurious ‘Prada’ jacket, which sold out in 25 countries after she wore it to a Vogue photoshoot.

Jungkook made headlines in various Korean and international media, such as how ‘The Straits Times’, Singapore’s leading newspaper, highlighted the name of the 23-year-old BTS member in its article “BTS fans take Prada jacket used by Jungkook “in his printed newspaper.


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