Jungkook gains a Hollywood fan, Ariana Grande


It is known to many that Jungkook has been photographed with the famous pop singer, Ariadna Grande, but she also made a revelation.

In 2019, a photograph of Jungkook and Ariana Grande caused a stir in both the West and South Korea, at that time many assumed that this photo was a montage, however, over time the same artist confessed the truth.

Without being a cause of controversy, but if a revolution in the networks, the photography of Jungkook and Ariana Grande became a trend, but it is well known by BTS fans that Jungkook is a declared fan of the pop artist, so they believed at first that it was a joke.

However, Jungkook along with her fellow BTS members have reached out to more artists with whom they have become friends, such as Billie Eilish, Becky G, Halsey or Drake among others. But, his friendship with the interpreter of ‘God is a woman’ is the longest.

Jungkook fulfills dream of meeting Ariana Grande

As for the Golden Maknae, he had the dream of meeting Ariana for that reason the sensation of 2019, when in May of that year the meeting took place.

The duo clicked on the images together, but since the veracity of the photograph is doubted, given its low resolution, Ariana Grande herself clarified everything when she published the photo of the two on her Instagram account.

At that time the western artist said: “PLEASE tell the audience that this is not an issue because many people tend to think so … A LOT.”

Adding in another tweet: “It’s not a question @AlfredoFlores! but what a moment. WHY would I publish an issue thanking you for coming to my show ”.

With this, Ariana denied that everything is a montage, which caused even more audience and fans began to trend the image again. Later it became known that not only is Jungkook, but Ariana also loves listening to BTS and is a big fan of the boy band.

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Although with the passage of time the possibility has also arisen that Jeon Jung kook or BTS are collaborating with Ariana for a new single, as Somagnews mentioned opportunely, but what is clear is that since the day that Ariana and Jungkook met, their friendship has increased steadily.


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