Jungkook From BTS Meets With the South Korean National Team in Qatar.


Jungkook from BTS met with South Korean football players in Qatar!

On November 20, KST, photos of Jungkook in Qatar were published.

Among the photos, the Kpop star posed for a photo shoot with South Korean football players, holding the national team uniform in her hands.

Idol poses with Captain Song Heung-min at the Al-Egla Training Center in Doha, Qatar, during his visit to the Al-Egla Training Center on Saturday, November 19, 2022.

Jungkook also shook hands with the coach of the South Korean national football team, Paulo Bento.

Jungkook and Qatari singer Fahad Al-Kubaysi will perform “Dreamers” from the official soundtrack of the 2022 FIFA World Cup during a 30-minute show today at 15:40. As you can see at the end of the article.

“The theme of the opening ceremony is the unification of all humanity, a bridge between differences through humanity, respect and inclusivity,” FIFA said in a statement.

“Football unites us into one tribe, and the Earth is a tent in which we all live.”

“I hope you stay healthy. My bandmates and I, as well as all Koreans, will support you,” Jungkook said in a message to the team provided by KFA in the video.

“When I perform on stage on Sunday, I will remember you and do my best. ” he added.

The show will pay tribute to the 32 participating countries, former organizers of the World Cup and volunteers. FIFA World Cup Ambassador Ghanim Al Muftah and Qatari singer Dana will also perform.


Latin singer Maluma also recorded the anthem of the 2022 FIFA World Cup with American rapper Nicki Minaj and Lebanese singer Miriam Fares “Tukoh Taka”.


Singer, songwriter and rapper Gims preceded them with the title “Archbo” along with Puerto Rican singer Ozuna.

South Korea’s first match in Group H will take place on Thursday against Uruguay.


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