Jungkook from BTS Is an Expert on Flirting During a Live Broadcast, Fans Like It


BTS fans were wondering what Jungkook was doing these days, and they were served in the best possible way!

On February 2, Jungkook surprised fans with a live broadcast on Weverse.

It was a particularly long and intense broadcast for fans who loved spending time with the artist, who, among other things, talked about the meaning of his tattoos, responded to marriage proposals and even spent a moment with Vee for a live broadcast on Instagram, which broke the audience. records.

It was late (midnight in Korea) when the performance started, but Jungkook spent more than four hours with ARMY, acting out his charms.

One ARMIE wittily commented, “If I’m breathing, we’re dating,” Jungkook simply replied: “Okay, okay, let’s date. … “break down” in three seconds.

Jungkook stayed with ARMY for hours, his attention sometimes distracted by something else, for example, his dog Bam or when he completely gave himself up to the songs he performed.

ARMY then asked him, “Please don’t ignore us. »

In response to the comment, Jungkook’s response was really unexpected. The idol explained that he finds people who say such things cute, and even added, “This is absolutely my type.”

At some point during the performance, ARMY sincerely asked him: “Oppa, what if I fall in love with another man? “.

Realistically and fairly, Jungkook said, “So what? explaining that this is ARMIE’s life and he will always support them.

This live broadcast has already become legendary!


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