Jungkook: fan, this outfit can’t be missing to be like him


Jungkook has a very high value garment for him so if you are a fan of this BTS member it cannot be missing from your wardrobe, so you will have a bond with him.

If there is something to admire it is the level of loyalty of BTS fans, since they are able to find out every detail of the seven boys, for example when they wear an item, they manage to identify the model and the store in which it can be bought, this has been the case of Jungkook.

As a result of the investigation, the clothes used by the BTS boys end up selling out almost immediately, but there is a set of clothes that despite never having been worn by Jungkook has caught the attention of all his fans.

On numerous occasions ARMY has expressed how amazing it would be to have it, but apparently it is a one-of-a-kind garment, we tell you who owns this item and why it is so special.

Jungkook Hanbok

Let’s remember, in the I-LAND show, when it came to an end, the BTS boys went to the house where the contestants were living, but on that occasion they could not meet, but the idols left some objects and messages as gifts and motivation .

The objects were taken at random to later discover what article it was about and the message from BTS that it included. In the case of Niki, who is now part of ENHYPEN, she received a modern-style hanbok as a gift from Jungkook.

So, from that moment on, ARMY’s interest has awakened to see Jungkook wearing the traditional South Korean costume and since her debut, the also known as Golden Maknae has not been seen wearing this type of clothing.

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Now, returning to the gifts, the hanbok magicians carry an embroidery in purple with Jungkook’s signature and the initials BTS JK, so it has become a very special garment that has taken on a high value for ARMY due to the link with the 23 year old boy.

For her part, Niki has shown how much she appreciates this garment by wearing it repeatedly, but BTS fans cannot resist wanting the same item, but being a unique design this has been very difficult.


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