Jungkook explains why BTS is like family to him


The BTS members now have a very special relationship, and Jungkook sees them as his own family. When Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, Suga, V, and RM became Big Hit Entertainment trainees they had to work hard to hone their skills, it led to them sharing much of their time as a team, so they formed very strong ties that remain to this day.

All of them had to separate from their families to start living in the dormitory that the company gave them, but having their colleagues made this process much easier and more bearable, since the group atmosphere was very good.

All 7 guys were chasing the same dream, so no one better than their peers to understand the way they felt as they worked to fulfill their biggest dreams in the music industry.


Although the support of the group members was important to each member, it had a very special impact on Jungkook. The group’s maknae began to pursue his goals in the world of K-Pop from an early age, so growing up alongside the members was a major change in his environment.

Recently, Japanese Fancafe magazine shared some new facts about the idols of Big Hit Entertainment, and this post asked Jungkook what his groupmates represent in his life.

Golden maknae’s response touched the hearts of all fans, as it demonstrated the love he feels for the boys he has grown up with. According to this boy, BTS is not at all different from a royal family to him, since he has spent so much time with them that their closeness can seem difficult to describe.

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