Jungkook dominates the Billboard charts with My Time


Jungkook of the group BTS continues to triumph with his solo song “My Time”.

BTS’s Jungkook’s solo songs have all been major record-holders, from Euphoria as the most-played solo male idol song on Spotify to being the longest-running solo idol song on Billboard’s worldwide digital song charts. .

Jungkook’s newest solo song My Time continues to top the charts and set records as it becomes the first solo bside and the first solo BTS song to chart No. 1 on the song sales charts. Billboard World Digitals.

It also spends a second week on the Billboard digital sales charts. My Time debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Digital Sales Chart with nearly 20k sales and at Hot100 with 84, making it the highest apse on the album. My Time is also Mots: 7’s best-selling apse worldwide.

Jungkook’s triumphs as a soloist

BTS has positioned itself as one of the most popular and successful groups of the moment, and although they have a great musical repertoire, one of their most recent and most commented work has been their album “Map of the Soul: 7”.

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A record work in which we have been able to see the talent of each of the boys of this South Korean band, and a few days ago the ARMY celebrated the record for Jungkook with his musical single “My Time”, which achieved a new triumph on iTunes .

“My Time” has become one of the most successful songs on “Map of the Soul: 7”, managing to stay at number 1 on the music charts of several countries. A single that also reflects the purest emotions of its interpreter. Do you think there will be another Jungkook solo song on BTS’s new album?


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