Jungkook, director of BTS ‘comeback’ Life Goes On ‘MV


The return of BTS is nowhere to be seen, but it is now known that Jungkook was in charge of directing the MV for ‘Life Goes On’.

A few days after the return of BTS, the K-Pop group is ready to reveal some advances of what will be the new album material of the boys, that is why in Somagnews we are waiting to bring you the details, this is how we know that Jungkook is the director of the ‘Life Goes On’ MV.

The talents of BTS’s Golden Maknae continue to surprise their fans, he is in charge of directing the MV for ‘Life Goes On’, the main track of the studio album ‘BE’, the boy band’s upcoming comeback.

It was also this Tuesday, November 17, that the members of BTS, including Jungkookie, released the teaser where you can see the good chemistry of the group, as the idols will reveal their more homely side, inviting their fans to visit their home.

The surprise that the ARMY community received was that Jungkook’s name appears in the credits of the teaser of ‘Life Goes On’, where they reveal that the youngest singer of the Bangtan Boys (23 years old) was the director of the music video .

And it is that the fact of directing the MV is undoubtedly a great responsibility, since the list of collaborators to make a video is immense, but the Golden Maknae was the one who led this project by directing the cameras, the set and the edition of ‘Life Goes On ‘, embodying his artistic vision in the MV.

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Jungkook’s assistants were Yong Seok Choi and Jihye Yoon, better known as Lumpens, among other people. Also, those who helped the young director and performer were Hyunwoo Nam and Sangwoo Yun.

BTS: ‘Life Goes On’

As for the work of ‘Life Goes On’ it was essential, RM, Suga and J-Hope wrote the lyrics, and it is that these members of Beyond The Scene have the ability to turn their feelings into melodies.

Taking this into account, Jungkook decided that the video for ‘Life Goes On’ would be recorded in the house of the 7 singers and rappers, some elements that appear in the clip are from their own home, as was the case with the chandelier that hangs from the ceiling or room where the artists appear.

Like ‘BE’ it has been a challenge for BTS but these young artists are willing to renew themselves in order to share a more intimate and sincere side of their lives for all their fans.


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