Jungkook demonstrates the importance of being kind


BTS’s Jungkook is a very kind boy, this anecdote proves it.

They say that greatness is not measured by the wealth or talents of a person, it is measured by the human quality that that person has, Jungkook is an idol who despite experiencing world fame at a young age remains faithful to his roots and the same.


The BTS member has shown signs of maturity despite his young age, the ‘Euphoria’ singer performs on the best stages, meets the most recognized celebrities in the music industry, but deep down he is still the boy from Busan who seeks to fulfill their dreams.

Jungkook is not arrogant or arrogant, despite being a very famous and talented idol, he likes to be treated like any other person and always behaves at the height of the situations that arise.


There are hundreds of anecdotes and stories that show how kind the BTS idol is, a former Jungkook schoolmate revealed that the singer had a very cute gesture with her that he will never forget.

The girl says that she was walking through the corridors of the school at lunchtime, so she brought her food in her hands, because she distractedly slipped and fell to the ground, the whole class saw her accident and made fun of her, except for Jungkook, who helped him to his feet and very happy began to clean the food that was left on the floor.



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