Jungkook dedicated a letter of his birthday to fans


Jungkook turned 23 and wrote a letter to the ARMYs that brought him great joy. Jungkook’s celebration in honor of his birthday represented a very special moment for him and the members of BTS, so messages of affection and good wishes surrounded Bangtan Sonyeondan’s maknae. This idol wanted to have an equally warm gesture with his fans and wrote them a thank you letter.

Kookie turned to Weverse to share this message with him followers. Although the idol said that he wanted to post his letter at midnight to close out an incredible birthday, he couldn’t help but fall asleep and had to do it later.

Jungkook’s birthday had already ended, but this idol expressed how touched he was to see all the projects that fans organized in his honor to celebrate one more year of his life.

Also, it was a very happy day for him as they received the news that BTS became # 1 on the Billboard chart for the Hot 100 this week.

I am so happy and glad I was born and it makes me think how grateful I am to my parents. We got # 1 under our name, but always remember this, BTS = ARMY. So he thinks of it like you guys got # 1, okay?

The idol also asked himself what good thing he could have done in one of his past lives, as he is now being rewarded with many joy-filled moments. AWW

Jungkook thanked his fans for giving him the opportunity to have such a happy and loving birthday, so he hoped that the ARMYs could also enjoy many happy moments.

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