Jungkook declares he wants to try something new


The Bangtan Boys’ Golden Maknae revealed that he wants to try new things and push his limits by starting a solo career. SPOILER ALERT for the movie ‘BREAK THE SILENCE: PERSONA’.

The boys of BTS are one week away from releasing the movie ‘BREAK THE SILENCE: PERSONA’ in some countries like Mexico, thousands of movie theaters will witness the impact and popularity of the K-pop band.

Big Hit Entertainment has revealed some trailers, moving posters and official images of the film, the public that has followed the career of Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, V and RM will be able to see the effort and work of the idols on stage.

Some scenes from ‘BREAK THE SILENCE: PERSONA’ are very emotional and will focus on the deepest thoughts of the BTS members. Jungkook talked about the things he wants to try for himself and the plans he has for the future.

ARMY who have already seen the film have shared small previews of what they were able to enjoy during the film.

In a part of the film, Big Hit Entertainment’s Golden Maknae referred to the value he has as an artist for the entire team, the idol originally from the city of Mandeokdong in Busan, South Korea, explained that he knows he has a lot of influence and impact on every creative process of your band.

Jungkook is anxious to try something new in his career as an international music star and some of the thoughts that concern him most have to do with his future, the ‘Dynamite’ singer said:

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If I were to try something as a solo artist to inspire a lot of people, I wonder, could I do that alone?

The smallest member of BTS knows perfectly what identity he wants to have as a singer, he is also aware of the goal he wants to achieve with his music, but he still has fears and insecurities about his path.

I would like to be the kind of person who takes responsibility for what he says, I keep saying things, but I don’t hold them, I’m like a greedy child and I’m stupid for knowing it


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