Jungkook debuts new hair look and makes ARMY fall in love


BTS was part of the first day of the 2021 Golden Disc Awards and the maknae presented a surprising makeover

Jungkook took fans by surprise when he appeared at the awards event with dyed hair, his new look is already one of ARMY’s favorites and it caused a surprising effect.

The awards continue within the world of K-Pop and this time it was the turn of a new edition of the Golden Disk Awards , the event will take place for two days and the first of them has already taken place, revealing the first winners of the gala. The BTS fandom showed their excitement during the event, not only because of the accolade that the group got but also because of the change they noticed in Jungkook and his hair .

When the screen showed Bangtan Sonyeondan entering the stage to receive their Bonsang, fans could not look away from the maknae , who this time he painted his hair to blond .


As soon as the first pictures of the singer with this makeover came out, social media was flooded with positive comments for the idol , including the large number of compliments his fans threw for him.

Jungkook managed to get the hearts of his fans racing and his name became a trend due to the numerous messages and photos regarding the blonde color in his hair .

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