Jungkook Day is today, what motivates ARMY to celebrate?


Despite not being the birthday of BTS’s idol and maknae, a celebration in his honor took over the fandom.

This day a party is taking place on social networks where Jungkook is the protagonist, the singer chose January 9 as a special date for him and ARMY has left beautiful messages for the artist.

Although for various parts of the world we are still living on January 8, in South Korea a new day has begun, as well as an opportunity to show how dear Jungkook is . It’s been a couple of years since this celebration for the idol began to take place and best of all, it was he himself who selected his holiday.

It all started when the boys prepared the Season’s Greetings for 2018 and BTS’s maknae marked 01/09 (day / month) as an important date for him. The secret behind that day is very simple, Jungkook’s birthday is celebrated on September 1, so reversing the order of the day and month, the numbers indicate January 9.


Fans and users on social networks coordinated efforts to place a hashtag on the most talked about topics on Twitter, the dynamic consists of remembering special moments in the idol’s career and situations that have made ARMY happy as part of the special bond they share.


In addition, fans were encouraged to give special support today to the musical releases that this boy has had throughout his career.

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