Jungkook created a new fashion trend in Japan with these boots


Jungkook created a new fashion trend in Japan with these boots. The idol became a fashion icon with these boots. Jungkook sets a fashion trend in Japan with Alexander Mcqueen brand boots.

The popularity of BTS is not only limited to K-pop, the boys take great care of their image and become models of clothing or footwear without even having a contract or being ambassadors for any brand, we tell you the details.

Through social networks, an article by the Japanese magazine FASHION SNAP circulates, which places Jungkook as a fashion icon after creating a shoe trend in the country. On June 14, the idol left the recording of the Bang Bang Con visiting Alexander Mcqueen’s black boots.

Jungkookhas worn garments of this brand on other occasions, of which he seems to be a fan, but this time the choice of said boots caused a certain euphoria in the Japanese, as it was reported thatthe “Tread Slick” model has been in great demand after seeing the idol with them.

According to the magazine, customers have come to the stores with a photo of Jungkook to ask for the exact model he used, being a benchmark for fashion for those who want to imitate his style.

It is not the first time that Jungkook drives sales of any garment , he has already done so previously, with pajamas, blouses or scarves. A Midas effect that shows its influence on youth.

He also managed to run out of Downy brand fabric softener when he revealed to ARMY that this was the product he used to make his clothes smell good. Do you think I should be a model of some brand?

Recently, it was announced that BTS will have a kind of museum created by BigHit , as its new facilities will open at the end of the year and there will be an exhibition area with collectibles and costumes that they used in their MV’s.


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