Jungkook Could Direct in Music Video


The BTS idols themselves have expressed interest in Jungkook being the director of their next music video for their new album.

Many fans know that Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS, has many talents and has the nickname ‘Golden Maknae’. Jungkook is known for excelling in various areas such as singing, dancing, sports, and more.

Another of his talents that is known to fans is video filming / production. On BTS’s official YouTube channel, there is a section called “Golden Closet Film by JK”, which shows a series of Vlog movies created by Jungkook.

These short clips are filmed, directed, and even edited by the youngest member. It shows BTS through Jungkook’s eyes and lens, allowing fans to experience a completely different experience through these videos.

Many fans have fallen in love with these videos as it also shows an intimate side of the group expressed in a beautiful way.

The BangTan Boys want Jungkook to be their next director

Recently, many fans got excited when the BTS members discussed the possibility that Jungkook could direct the music video for their upcoming comeback.

This was revealed when BTS went live on September 22 KST. During the broadcast, the members were sitting together and chatting over dinner. This was another casual conversation the boy group was having until they started discussing their plans for their next album.

The members suggested that Jungkook film the next music video because they are also aware of his talent. RM, the group’s leader, suggested that Jungkook can film the music video while the other members edit it so Jungkook doesn’t get overworked.

This has yet to be confirmed, but it was just a possible discussion between the BTS members. Still, many fans were excited to hear the possibilities of the group’s future work that is entirely produced by BTS. Would you like to see Kookie in her role as director? Do you think he could give an interesting proposal to the next MV of the group?

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