Jungkook could be recording the songs for his first mixtape


Jungkook revealed new clues about his next musical work and it could be the songs for the first mixtape released by this idol, we will tell you the details.

Social networks were flooded with suspicions after Jungkook shared a new video about the creative process behind a song, as this new melody could be a first look at the record material that this idol will release as a soloist soon.

It all started when the BANGTAN TV YouTube channel shared a clip with a duration of just over 2 minutes, where we see some moments of the work of the BTS vocalist born in 1997.

The video shows Jungkook in a recording studio, the idol wears a black bucket hat while holding white sheets, it is then that he begins to talk with the person in front of the computer and they discuss some issues about a song, such as intonation of a phrase that is part of the lyrics.

The audio of the video stops and now we can appreciate that Jungkook is sitting in front of the computer while dancing in high spirits and turning in the chair.

The screen reveals that Jeon Jung Kook is listening to the tune he spoke about earlier with a staff member, what song is it about?


Fans intuit that this moment was captured after Jungkook was satisfied with the work he was doing, since his actions reflect a very special state of mind, full of joy and emotion.

Given this, rumors that Jungkook is preparing a new record material began to take over social networks, where the ARMYs have exchanged their theories about the possible release.

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Look the following video:


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