Jungkook confesses huge plans for his first mixtape


The BTS guys posted the full BE-hind Story video, Golden Maknae revealed some new details from their first mixtape.

One of the most anticipated projects by ARMY around the world is Jungkook’s first solo mixtape, the minor member of Bangtan Sonyeondan shared new details of his music production, when will it be released?

2021 began with a lot of projects and new plans for the idols of the K-pop Big Hit Entertainment, this year you can use it for individual growth of their careers in the music industry.

Jungkook will continue to work on his first mixtape , this album has fans of the singer very excited, they hope he expresses his true personality and can explore different genres.

The minor BTS member commented that he delayed the premiere of the mixtape because he is quite a perfectionist person and he did not like the result of the songs so much, so he restructured the creative plan and started again. OMG!

The interpreters of ‘Dynamite’ shared the complete video of BE-hind Story, Jungkook updated the status of the record material that may be released this 2021, with how many songs will the production promote?


The mixtapes are proof style, talent, creativity, skills, concepts and artistic vision of an idol, so Jungkook was inspired by the things he loves and plasmará in different ways in the project.

E l Golden Maknae said he would like the mixtape has three main songs, ie, that his plans would promote the CD with three official music videos.

Jungkook thinks big, there is a possibility that the 3 main melodies have choreography and present different musical genres that cover his tastes, do you think he is the director of the MVs himself ?

The interpreter of ‘Still With You’ will continue in the production of his first record material , which he explained are only possible activities that he will carry out once the project is finished.

Recently Jungkook shared his vocal talents with ARMY, the BTS idol performed different songs a cappella, listen to the beautiful result.